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4月 14, 2016

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Food Trucks for Pups

The food truck craze has taken over America. There's food trucks on streets, on university campuses, and there are even food truck rallies, where tons of folks gather to try all different food trucks of the region. Well, working off of this popularity, Seattle is trying something a little different. Food trucks... for pups.

Food trucks are already a common sight around's downtown Seattle headquarters, and so are dogs. After seeing so many furry friends out and so many of their owners in line at food trucks, Dawn and Ben Ford had the idea of incorporating both.

Dawn and her husband, Ben, own and operate The Seattle Barkery, a food truck that caters to dog owners and their dogs! The truck travels to Seattle-are dog parks, office building parking lots, farmer's markets, and private events. 

Started 10 months ago, the truck offers food like chicken feet and duck neck, "pupcakes" aka bacon cupcakes, mini cheesy doughnuts, pumpkin pretzels, and peanut butter-banana cookies!

"I think there is definitely a market for more things like that, where humane and canine activities are combined. You don't always want to leave them at home or leave them in the car," said Dawn Ford in an interview with Fox News.

The Seattle Barkery is just one of a handful of food trucks specially catered to canines! With food for both dogs and people alike, it pretty much pleases anyone. And don't worry, all food is dog-safe (in moderation, of course.)

If you don't live in the Seattle area, maybe it's time to start a food truck for pups of your own!


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