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4月 09, 2012

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Living with Small Dogs

Small dogs often have the biggest personalities. Whether you live in a tiny space, your building has pet size restrictions, or you just want to keep the dog food bills low, there are many reasons people are choosing smaller dogs as their companions.

American Eskimo – A very playful dog that weighs between 10-20 pounds. Puppies have pink skin and are born into a litter with an average of five puppies. Even though they are tiny, these dogs make great guard dogs.

Beagle – These dogs weighing 20 – 25 pounds are loving, kind, and gentle.  Beagles are fine in  apartments as long as they are given a fair amount of time outdoors.

Bichon Frise – The Bichon, weighing between 8 –  12 pounds, is a great choice for households with children.  They are fine in an apartments, but make sure to walk the Bichon daily.  These dogs can perform tricks and do well with other dogs and pets.

Chihuahua – A great companion dog, these pooches are extremely loyal to their owners.  They may not be the best breed for children and are often difficult to housebreak.  Even though they only weigh a couple pounds, they should be taken on an occasional walk.

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