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5月 05, 2016

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May is For...

The month of May isn't just for Cinco de Mayo! There are a host of pet-friendly celebrations in May, and this week hosts two of them!

Be Kind to Animals Week

Last year, Be Kind to Animals Week turned 100! And on its 101st birthday this year, you can celebrate by, well, being kind to animals!

This week is the oldest commemorative week in U.S. history and encourages you to make smart and kind decisions that benefit animals. You can participate in this week by signing the "Kindness 100" pledge. With the pledge, you'll commit to:

National Pet Week

This week was founded by the American Veterinary Medical Association in 1981 to show appreciation for our furry friends. 

Here's what you can do to celebrate:

There are tons of ways you can celebrate this week, and it's not all about your dogs! You can vote for America's Favorite Veterinarian to show appreciation for those who take care of your pets. 

Puppy Mill Action Week

Puppy Mill Action Week is a week committed to making sure people know that puppies are not objects or toys. Puppies in mills are forced away from their parents and have to live in small, cramped, cages. 

Puppy Mill Action Week was created to encourage adoption and abandonment of puppy mills. If you want to be an advocate, you can! Go to the organization's website,


Happy first week of May! May there be a good summer ahead of you and your pup!


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